Sequin Select is the debut single from San Ré, and was heavily inspired by and composed during the 2020 US Presidential elections and the tense days that followed. Sequin Select is drenched in the tension of the moment, and foregoes release entirely. There is disorder and unpredictability, imbalance and discomfort.

From the artist:

“Tension, ebbing and flowing, changing, revealing colors and textures as if on a backstage curtain. Drama twists and unfolds in the foreground. Tension is inherent in everything, and within it there is drama and beauty.”  – San Ré

Sequin Select was produced and mixed in Amserdam by San Ré
Mastered in London by Jon Astley / Close to the Edge
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Sequin Select

Release Date : 09/07/2021
Artist : San Ré
Catalog ref. : DC2023S
Format : Digital Download