Lift Off, the debut single from Akenbak, is a celebratory yet brooding dub techno track that takes flight with a subtle, unrelenting tension that’s only softened by warm, vacillating chords, and all the while undermined by a lurking acid-inspired bass groove.

From the artist:

“Lift off is inspired by that brief and uncertain moment before a plane takes flight. However tense, once the wheels no longer touch the earth you begin to view the city and its people from new perspectives, and the moment is suddenly filled with a calm sense of awe.”  -Akenbak

Lift Off was composed and produced in Mexico City by Akenbak
Mixed in Amsterdam by Ben Evolo
Mastered in London by Jon Astley / Close to the Edge
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Lift Off

Release Date : 19/02/2021
Artist : Akenbak
Catalog ref. : DC2026SLDL
Format : Digital Download