Goose is a laid-back and self-reflective piece of sonic escapism, with thick pulses of synth bass layered with lush, bubbling and percolating pads, glassy FM synthesis and thoroughly driven home by an uptempo groove that tugs you into the unknown

From the artist…

“Goose was a technical exercise in sound design and pushing the limits of a new synthesizer. I was chasing a certain vibe at the time, an inspired vibe that required thoughtful crafting.”

Goose was composed and produced by Daze Gates in Glasgow, mixed by Ben Evolo in Amsterdam, mastered by Jon Astley / Close to the Edge in London. Worldwide digital release 5 February 2021.

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Release Date : 05/02/2021
Artist : Daze Gates
Catalog ref. : DC2025SLDL
Format : Digital Download