Akenbak aka Luis García
Luis García (aka Akenbak)

Digient Collective is excited to announce its newest member, Akenbak, whose debut single Lift Off releases digitally worldwide on 19 February. Akenbak is the stage name of Luis García, a talented Mexico City-based multimedia artist with a deep love for all things electronic music and art. You may know Akenbak from some of the audio-reactive videos he created for Digient, specifically the video for Daze Gates’ Axiomatic.

I got to know Akenbak about a year ago, before the pandemic struck and before Digient launched, and while I was first taken by his consistent creative output of experimental motion graphics it was the music he privately shared with me that took me most by surprise. It was immediately clear to me that he finds great inspiration in some of the best electronica of the 1990s, and that’s where we vibed the most.

Lift Off is the debut single from Akenbak, a track he says is inspired by “that brief and uncertain moment before a plane takes flight…. however tense, once the wheels no longer touch the earth you begin to view the city and its people from new perspectives, and the moment is suddenly filled with a calm sense of awe.” This simple but eloquent idea is accessible and relatable, and the uniqueness of the song itself hooked me immediately. Digient is very proud of the final result and we hope you like it just as much. Without further delay, please join me in welcoming Akenbak to the Digient roster! You can find Akenbak on many of the socials here.

Listen to Lift Off below or at the official release page, and on all digital platforms on 19 February 2021. And stay tuned for the accompanying video, produced by Akenbak himself, coming soon.