Digient Collective is a diverse community of creative people who are passionate about electronic music and visual art, its heritage and legacy as well as its future. We are musicians, producers, designers and graphic artists all sharing in a single common cause: to work together to advance our respective creative goals, and of those within the collective.

As independent artists (many with day jobs), we work together to advance our artistic goals and respective milestones of success. We do these things in service of our own individual interests and for benefit of the collective as a whole. Most importantly, we do these things with freedom, autonomy and independence.

Established in 2020, during the global pandemic, Digient Collective is also an experimental record label, organized in part to provide artists a new channel through which they can test new concepts, media, personas, styles, and otherwise, and offers its members a share of all label profits*.

* when there are profits

Interested in learning more or want to send us some of your work? Please do! See below for contact info or contact us on the socials.

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